Production of FadU drums is a complex and meticulous process. All stages take place in Kazan and are carried out by our craftsmen.
We've recorded a whole movie about the creation process! For those who fancy reading, however, this article below will take you through all the stages.

Steel sheet and circles

FadU's story starts off with a 40-kilo sheet of carbon metal, which is cut into 37 circles by using a laser cutting machine .

Forming semi-spheres

Once cut, the circles are sent to a special room with hydraulic press. Here, purpose-built equipment, under pressure, turns the circles into semi-spheres.


Coming back to the laser, but this time in order to cut out the petals on the surface of the drum. The machine is  precisely programmed with particular schemes and algorithms. Each FadU has its own blueprint, accurate to a millimeter. After this step you can already see a clear outline of a drum.

Welding and polishing

FadU consists of two semi-spheres : one with petals and the other one without them. As soon as they are welded together, we can polish the welds on the instrument to ensure that its surface is seamlessly smooth.

Sound and painting

Before this stage, FadU already produces sounds, but they are mostly false notes. Music is all about precision, so, every instrument is manually tuned and adjusted until the tuner indicates that we have reached a perfectly clear note.
Next, we hand-paint the drums with powder coating and bake them in the furnace for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.
FadU is ready!