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Locally manufactured in Kazan. Meditations and creativity with no need for music education.

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Drum cases

FadÙ Neptune

Sensuality and  inspiration
E — minor | d27cm
239 €

FadÙ Moon

Peace and calmness
F# — minor | d27cm
239 €

FadÙ Kaonashi

Confidence and melancholy
E — akebono | d27cm
239 €

FadÙ Flame

Warmth and confidence
F — major | d27cm
239 €

FadÙ Sunrise

Tenderness and charm
G — major | d27cm
239 €

FadÙ Eternity

Dusk, coldness, magnificence
B — minor | d27cm
279 €

FadÙ Spirit

Contentment, freedom and awe
F — minor | d27cm
279 €

FadÙ Desire

Tenacity, energy, thirst for life
E — marmara | d27cm
279 €

FadÙ Equilibrium

Lightness, purity and balance
F — blues | d27cm
279 €

FadÙ Shine

Brightness, coziness and benevolence
F# — arabic | d27cm
279 €

Grey sticks

Soft beech sticks
12 €

Case Graphite

For carrying and storage
41 €

Case Buttercream

For carrying and storage
41 €

Case Milori

For carrying and storage
41 €

Case Olive

For carrying and storage
41 €

Case Edy's Pie

For carrying and storage
41 €

Watch this 5 minute video and you will know:

  • - What is Fadu?
  • - How to play it?
  • - How to choose?
  • - Delivery information

What is FadÙ?

FadÙ is a steel tongue drum that was designed for relaxation, meditations and endless creativity.

There are 10 instruments in our collection, each with different tonality and mood.

Give them a try and find your perfect FadÙ match.

Swift shipping around the globe

FadÙ is always in stock and we send orders every workday.

We cooperate only with DHL Express, because it is the best transport company in the world. The average delivery time to Europe and the USA is from 7 to 10 days.

Our Customer service is available daily from 10 am to 8 pm (MSK) on Instagram DM and Whatsapp.

Handiwork of craftsmen

Our workshop is located in Kazan. All production stages are carried out by skilled masters of cutting, bending, welding and performing other magic with steel. We use only eco-friendly and high-quality materials to make miracles happen.

Take a look at how we live and work

On our Instagram account and YouTube we keep you posted on what happens in our company day in and day out. You can learn more about people, events and how to play the instruments.